Importance Of Proper Certification And Training

Before filling you on a ton of information on the courses and training services that are provided, I want to stress the importance of proper training and having the right certifications before going into any job or career.  I want to tell you my story so that you can learn from it and not make the same mistake that I did.

After finishing high school, I went straight into working in a factory that my father owned.  My parents wanted me to go to college, but I wasn’t ready so they let me work for a year before making any decisions about continuing my education.  I should have listened to my parents because what happened in that factory should have never happened to anyone.  I worked in a production line, basically ensuring that the product would be small enough to go through the machine.  I won’t go into details on what the factory makes or what it’s used for because that’s irrelevant.  What you need to know is that because my father owned the factory, I didn’t have to go through proper training.  Everyone else had gotten their training from an accessible online certification for jhsc.  I guess unlucky for me, I never had any training, just went straight into working.  For my first day, a manager just showed me how all the tools worked, what to watch out for, and where the danger lies.  I guess I didn’t pay too much attention to him because when it was time for me to start working, I sort of winged it.  I pushed different buttons to see what they were all meant for and sort of just played around with the equipment.  Now, nothing seemed dangerous – there were no knives or sharp things around me.  I didn’t think that anything serious could happen to me.


The second week in, I was still pretty new at many of the equipment.  I learned to do most of the tasks just by playing around, so whenever I was told to do something I hadn’t done before, I would just figure it out on my own.  I was good that way, sort of like a handy-man (except girl).  On this particular day, nothing was really different.  I had to again make sure that all the product was able to fit into this one machine.  The products’ size had increased during the second week, so I had to really make sure to squeeze it into the machine.  One of the products came down the assembly belt and it was really big.  I used my hands to push down on it and squeezed it into the machine.  Sometimes, when an item gets stuck, you can push a button and the machine creates a sucking motion and sucks it into itself.  When I pushed down on the product this time, I accidentally nudged the button with my hip and my right hand and arm got completely sucked into the machine.  I cannot even tell you how much pain I felt.  It was by far the worst experience of my life.

I don’t want to scare you with what happened next, but I’ll just say that my right arm now doesn’t function.  I’ve been going through therapy and rehab for over 5 years and I don’t think it will ever recover to how an arm should work.  This is why you should always get the proper training.  You should go get your certificate in health and safety at and really focus on the material and what they teach you.  It could save you an arm, a leg, maybe even your life.  Training is no joke, and I’ve learned my lesson.  I hope it’s not too late for you.

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