A 50-minute 2-episode miniseries alluding to the centenary of the Portuguese Republic.
The story relates to the so-called "Bloody Night" of October 19th 1921, in which some of the 1910 revolution heroes, such as Machado dos Santos and Carlos da Maia, were assassinated by a militia of sailors and Republican guards following a political coup. Berta da Maia, Carlos' widow, decides to investigate and confront Abel Olímpio, the militia chief who has been tried and imprisoned in the Coimbra penitentiary. "Bloody Night" shows in parallel the events of October 19th 1921 and the steps of Berta da Maia's demand to reveal the identity of the crimes masterminds. The lawsuit has never been reopened.


DIRECTED BY Tiago Guedes & Frederico Serra
SCRIPT Tiago Rodrigues
WITH Isabel Abreu, Gonçalo Waddington, Ricardo Aibéo, Nuno Lopes, Miguel Guilherme, Diogo Infante, Francisco Nascimento, Miguel Borges, Álvaro Correia, Tiago Rodrigues, António Durães, Catarina Lacerda, Jorge Mota, Fernanda Montemor
PRODUCTION David e Golias

- Prémio Autor da SPA – Best Series 2011
- Monte-Carlo International Television Festival – Mónaco – Nominee for Best Miniseries and Outstanding Actress 2011




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