The critically acclaimed TV series “Odisseia” is a story developed in different narratives interlinked.

On the first one, the main storyline, we have two friends, Bruno and Gonçalo, who embark on a cross country journey on a RV, carrying their dramas and family relationships. On the second plot, we have a fake "Making Of", with the cast and the crew filming the series. The third narrative is the writers plot. In this one, Bruno and Gonçalo, as writers, talk about the scenes they are writing with the producer and the director, Tiago Guedes.
During the episodes, many movies are parodied, such as: Pulp Fiction, Paris, Texas, Blade Runner, Apocalypse Now, Talk to Her and many others.




Tiago Guedes, Gonçalo Waddington & Bruno Nogueira



Tiago Guedes



Gonçalo Waddington, Bruno Nogueira, Nuno Lopes, Miguel Borges, Tiago Rodrigues, Carla Maciel, António Durães, João Pedro Vaz, Pedro Gil, Isabel Abreu, Rita Blanco, António Fonseca, David Chan Cordeiro, Camané



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