A dinner room. Sitting at a candlelit table are Helen and Danny in what appears to be a celebration. Standing by the door is Helen's brother, Liam, looking at the couple. Helen and Danny look at him in silence. No one says anything. Liam is covered in blood.

Orphans raises some pertinent questions about the source of fear, in particular the vague and undefined threat of the "other" and the desperate need to feel safe within our family. It is a contemporary suspense story that transports the viewer on a chilling journey to a world that lies just next door.

Orphans talks about violence and how it imposes itself on our lives. It speaks of how life shapes and deforms us. It speaks of the choices that define us.


BY Dennis Kelly

STAGING Tiago Guedes

TRANSLATION Francisco Frazão

WITH Isabel Abreu, Romeu Costa and Tónan Quito

SET DESIGN Fernando Ribeiro 


CO-PRODUCTION Pueblozito and São Luiz Teatro Municipal

PHOTO Estelle Valente




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